First Post

View from the kitchen window

Welcome to my first ever blog. It’s a grey Saturday afternoon but the kitchen is cosy, with something tasty in the oven, and this old laptop is ready to go. (Photo – taken today: kitchen windowsill with daffs from the allotment.)

I intend to use this blog to review (and bounce off) books, websites, articles, TV programmes, exhibitions, events etc that have informed and/or inspired me.

The first site I want to mention is Mark Wallager’s How to Start a Blog – Step By Step Tutorial ( I particularly liked his ‘101 blog post ideas’ and ‘What is a blog? 9 experts share their opinions’. These inspired me to begin – especially as one of the ‘experts’ recommended plunging straight in rather than putting it off until another day – which would have been easy to do!

I’ve also spent some time this weekend looking at The Site Wizard ( run by Christopher Heng, which has tons of information and tutorials on how to set up your own website. The place to start is the ‘Beginner’s A-Z Guide’, and from there you can learn about domain names and web hosts and site creation.

I even downloaded Kompozer which is a free website creation program for which Mr Heng has provided tutorials, just to have a look at how it worked. Perhaps one year I will get a bit further, but the tutorial required you to set up your domain name and web host first, which would have entailed shelling out some money. This is because the index page of your website, ie your home page, needs to have a location on the web so all the links can be set up as you create new pages in Kompozer – so I decided not to proceed.

Of course by then I had realised it was going to be much simpler to create a blog rather than a website, so here I am on day one.